Tire blowouts can lead to a disastrous situation on a Terre Haute road. During a blowout, a tire tears apart while driving, which could cause an accident. Controlling a car that loses one or more tires isn't easy. Often, impact or heat gets the blame for the blowout, but neglect plays a significant role in tire blowout scenarios. Careful owners will keep an eye on their tires to prevent blowouts from happening.

Driving on over or underinflated tires is a blowout risk. Check air pressure levels to make sure the tires are properly inflated. And look for tire defects while you're at it.

Dry-rotted tires as susceptible to a blowout. The older a tire gets, the more the apparent signs of drywall cracks appear. Age isn't the only contributing factor to dry rot. The weather, extremes of hot and cold, can rot the tires.

At Thompson's Honda, our service department can handle any maintenance requests, including ones related to your tires.


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