The Honda Insight Has Become a Popular Hybrid Car

If you are looking for a hybrid car, the Honda Insight is one of the more popular ones on the market today. Come by Thompson's Honda and you will get to see in person why that is. This car looks great and performs well. You will enjoy the better gas mileage complete with enhanced features that make it fun to drive.

The Honda sensing features are quite amazing. Every Insight comes with a Road Departure Mitigation System. This is a fancy way of letting you know that the car will help correct itself if you start to sway outside of your lane. This is a safety feature you will appreciate.

The Adaptive Cruise Control will make you safer and help you to enjoy the driving experience even more. The car will automatically slow down if you are approaching traffic and then speed up again when the time is right. Take the Insight for a test drive at Thompson's Honda.


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