The highly popular compact Honda CR-V is here and sporting brand new and redesigned features created to add comfort and style to your driving experience. Its features have been upgraded to satisfy even the most sophisticated of vehicle palates belonging to highly experienced drivers.

Just how did the best get even better? For starters, how about its stopping feature, the collision mitigation braking system (CMBS). The CMBS can sense a possible frontal collision and apply brake pressure to help you stop. And, if you veer into another lane without using your turn signal, the road departure mitigation system will alert you, and help you stay in your lane.

Now that you've heard about the Honda CR-V's mitigation suite, the next step gets you one step closer to being a proud owner of one: a test drive. Come and see the good folks at your Thompson's Honda to see and feel how smooth it is to get behind the wheel of the 2020 Honda CR-V.


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