Keeping Control Of Your Car In A Slide

If you need to drive on icy roads in the winter, there are a few tips to keep in mind in the event that you begin sliding. Try to drive in a manner that is safe for the road conditions in Terre Haute instead of driving at a speed you would on dry roads to try to prevent a slide.

Although you might be tempted, you want to avoid using your brakes if you begin sliding. Gently tap your brakes instead. When you firmly apply your brakes, it could make the slide you're in worse. After being involved in a slide, Thompson's Honda can examine your brakes to make sure they aren't damaged.

Once you know which way your car is sliding, you need to turn your steering wheel in the same direction. If your car is sliding to the right, then you need to turn the wheel to the right. This can help give your car a bit more traction and prevent it from spinning around in the road.


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