Emergency personnel are quick to respond to stranded motorists under ideal conditions, but severe winter storms can thwart their best efforts. Keeping a winter kit in your vehicle can give you peace of mind and may even save your life in the event of a crash or breakdown.

You can keep a year-round kit in your car and tailor it for the winter months. In addition to basic items like jumper cables, a fire extinguisher, road flares and a first aid kit, add weather appropriate survival items like a blanket, calorie-rich treats, water, hand warmers and sand or cat litter for traction. Include personalized items appropriate for your children or those with special needs in your family.

To get your vehicle prepared for the winter months, visit us at Thompson's Honda. We can install winter tires and wiper blades and change your oil to a winter appropriate weight. We can also advise you on what items to keep in your car survival kit.



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