Tailgate With Flare Using Good Preparation

When you are heading out to tailgate at the next game, it's beneficial to prepare as much as possible ahead of time. From planning your menu to knowing how to pack the cooler, good preparation will allow you to have fun while you are tailgating instead of trying to figure out what to cook.

Prepare your meats the night before. Make hamburger patties and marinate any steak you want to cook. Pack the meat in air-tight containers to protect the food. Make sure you have enough buns for the number of burgers you are cooking, pack condiments, plates, and utensils.

Arrive to tailgate about four hours before the game starts. You'll have time to hang out, prepare your food and cleanup this way and you'll still make it to the game in time. Consider using a toolbox in the back of your vehicle to hold all your supplies and keep them organized.



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