Discover Today’s Hatchbacks at Thompson's Honda

Choosing your next vehicle is an important decision, and here at Thompson's Honda we want you to make an informed vehicle purchase. When you are considering whether to make a hatchback your next purchase, there are many good reasons to give one a try.

Whether you are looking for more cargo space or just a more stylish vehicle, a hatchback might be a good choice for you. Modern hatchbacks are a far cry from the station wagons of yesterday. The length of current hatchbacks is shorter, now offering a more stylish look.

In addition to their appearance, hatchbacks boost a larger cargo area than sedans due to their fold down rear seats. Plus, most models of hatchbacks offer an impressive resale value. When compared to an average resale in the auto industry of roughly 35 percent, some top selling hatchbacks have resale values of nearly 60 percent!

As you can see, hatchbacks today have much to offer those looking for a new vehicle. Our team in Terre Haute would love to have you test drive a hatchback today and show you how well one can fit into your lifestyle!



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