Truck Cab Styles

Part of choosing the right truck is deciding on the cab style. We at Thompson's Honda can help you make your final decision, but you can still go over the basics with this handy guide.

Standard Cabs

Standard truck cabs are small, but they have larger beds and are great for hauling larger loads. They have two doors and one row of seating.

Super Cabs

Super cabs or quad cabs have two full-size doors and two suicide doors along with some extra leg room. If you want a more comfortable cab and still plan on hauling large loads, this is probably the cab for you.

Crew Cabs

Crew cabs are essentially four-door sedans with truck beds. They have four full-size doors and two rows of seating for extra comfort.

Mega Cabs

Mega cabs aren't available with all truck models. They are larger crew cabs, with space that is comparable to a minivan. Needless to say, this is the most comfortable type of cab that you can find, and it's perfect if you have a large family or regularly have to transport larger groups.



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