Here at our convenient Thompson's Honda location, we make it a priority to assist our customers and others to remain safe on the roads. Winter driving presents many special challenges, and icy or snowy roads can quickly cause of vehicles to lose control. Thankfully, drivers who choose the correct tires for seasonal conditions can go far in avoiding such dangerous situations.

For winter driving conditions, both studded and studless tires offer superior levels of traction. As their names suggest, studded tires use special metal studs to dig into ice. For individuals who live in areas prone to ice storms, such tires can be literal lifesavers.

For drivers in more urban environments, studless tires are often a good choice.

Studless tires use specialized grooves that are wider and deeper than those of all-weather tires. These special deep grooves do good jobs of quickly moving snow and other debris from the tread paths, thus enhancing traction. They also tend to be made of softer rubbers that remain supple and can stay in contact with roads even under very cold conditions.



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