Driving With a Compact Temporary Spare Tire

Today, many automakers take advantage of small form spare tires to save space and reduce the weight of their latest models. Compact spare tires occupy about one-half the space of a full-sized tire. Compact spares are only temporary. They do not operate at normal speeds and should not be used over long distances. Compact spares can get the vehicle home or to a nearby repair facility.

Terre Haute drivers know that the small size of the compact tire causes changes in some vehicle functions. Compact tires can interfere with gas mileage, braking, steering, and the speedometer.

At Thompson's Honda, we want every driver to ride on safe, full-sized tires that are in good condition. We are ready to answer your questions about tires, spares, and repairs. Call us when you need to repair or replace a tire. We have high-quality replacements that meet your manufacturer's requirements. Please call or drop by today.



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