Don't Ignore These Warning Signs Your Car Tires Could Be Failing

The team at Thompson’s Honda wanted to help bring awareness to the community on how to spot issues with the car tires to help avoid blowouts on the roads.

Take a little time out of your week to carefully look at the tread patterns on the car. The tread must be wearing evenly, so if you see anything out of the ordinary, it could mean serious trouble. Look for things like areas where the tread is separating from the rest of the tires or here sections of tire wear are out of the ordinary.

Look at the entire tire for cracks or bulges anywhere on the treads and sidewalls. These little issues could become bigger issues as the car reaches top speeds.

Visit our service center here at Thompson’s Honda and give our technicians a chance to completely check the health of the tires and schedule your vehicle for a tire rotation appointment so we can keep a close eye on the tread wear.

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